Danielius SADAUSKAS (baritone) is the soloist of the National Philharmonic Society of Lithuania. He has given concerts in  USA, Australia, Russia,  Ukraine, Caucasus,   Middle Asia, Vietnam, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Poland. His repertoire comprises about 1500 compositions covering a wide span of time and style. D. Sadauskas performs 57 vocal cycles.

D. Sadauskas is the founder of the charity fund "Muzikinė auka" ("The musical donation"). One of its initiatives is the programme "Ir žib viduj tamsios nakties"  (And It Twinkles in the Middle of the Night) dedicated to M. Mažvydas. D. Sadauskas has recorded seven records. A considerable part of D. Sadauskas' records is kept in the radio funds of Lithuania (a total of 6 hours). Here you can listen  Mažvydas hymns CD recording.

Hymns from M. Mažvydas' "Katekizmas" performed by Danielius Sadauskas.

Advent and Christmas holy songs from the 1st part of "Giesmes Krikscioniskas"
performed by Danielius Sadauskas and the group of singers of the Čiurlionis School of Arts