1547 1997

450th Anniversary of the First Lithuanian Book by Martynas Mažvydas


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The creator of this  medal, Petras REPŠYS, explains:   

AVERSAL (devoted to the first Lithuanian book)

Inscription: 1547 – 1997.

A view of Karaliaučius; the hand in the sky is holding the Catechism. Two lions are bearing the coats of arms of the Prussian Dukedom and Karaliaučius. To the left of the lion there is an Exile.

REVERSAL (devoted to Martynas Mažvydas)


Stars ask for the rain and a man for eternity
Roses in the summer heat
Without any words
Beg for water ...

Words through work and prayer
Obediently lie down in a book
For him who wrote them down with God's help
Eternal Glory is waiting.

Panegyric for Martynas Mažvydas, by Sigitas Geda

A Renaissance arch with  the panorama of Vilnius in the background. On the left over the arch there's an angel holding the Lithuanian coat of arms. On the right there's a woman holding the Vilnius coat of arms. The words on the coat of arms Unitas (Unity), Justitia (Justice), Spes (Hope) are expressed by a fascine, balance, and anchor.

Below on the left there's a woman holding a snake in her right hand which is swallowing its tail ( Eternity); on  the right side – another woman, holding in her right hand a crown, and in her left – a pyramid (Glory).

In the middle a young man is sitting at a table and writing. There's a cock and a candle on the table (Labour).

The medal was struck at the Lithuanian Mint with 500 copies each in silver and bronze, diameter 60 mm, was available at the Vilnius Academy of Art and the Gallery "Akademija,"
Latako 2, 2001 Vilnius, Lithuania, phone: (370 2) 612 094

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