of the 450th Anniversary of the First Lithuanian Book by Martynas Mažvydas


[The List of All Events] will list all information available  in English on events connected with the commemoration. The hyperlinks there will lead you to a more detailed description of the event that you choose.

Alternatively, you can choose a visual method of investigation. Click on the World and you will see an old   map from the time when the first Lithuanian book appeared and a map of  today with places marked  in red dots where Mažvydiana events  took place in 1996-98.

  Mažvydiana Events in: [the WORLD] [Europe] [America] [Australia] [Lithuania]

Please click on the area of inerest and you will get a map of it with red dots indicating spots where some events have occurred and are described here in English. By selecting a red dot from the map you will learn more about an event celebrating  the 450th Anniversary of the Lithuanian Book and described in English.