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  • Prof. Domas Kaunas, Editor- in-Chief, Head of the Book Science Department of Vilnius University
  • Prof. Laimutis TelksnysAssociate Editor, Head of the UNESCO Chair in Informatics for the Humanities, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics,  telksnys@ktl.mii.lt 

Managing Editor of  Multimedia Project

Project Implementation Team

  • Giedrė Kligytė, Designer of Mažvydas Anniversary Project, giedre@mch.mii.lt , design student, Vilnius Academy of Art
  • Dr. Remigijus Misiūnas, Senior Editor, Senior Assistant, Book Science Department, Vilnius University
  • Ramutė Pajedienė, Typist of Mažvydas Anniversary Project, ramute@ktl.mii.lt , Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
  • Jonas Steponaitis, English Language Editor, Senior Editor, Science and Encyclopedia Publishing Institute
  • Arūnas Valiulis, Creator of Multimedia Project, arunasva@mch.mii.lt , Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
  • Ramunė Vaskelaitė, Editor of the Lithuanian text, Mažvydas Anniversary Project, Institute of the Lithuanian Language
  • Jonas Zdanevičius, Executive Editor of Multimedia Project, jonzdan@ktl.mii.lt,  Institute of Mathematics and Informatics


This project is implemented by the UNESCO Chair in Informatics for the Humanities, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. Consulting experts from the Multimedia Center for Humanities, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics:

  • Dr. Kęstutis Juškevičius, jush@ktl.mii.lt 
  • Evaldas Ožeraitis, evaldas@ktl.mii.lt 


This project is supported by 

The National Commission to Commemorate the 450th Jubilee of the First Lithuanian book,
The Lithuanian Ministry of Culture,
The Media Support Foundation,
The National Program Virtual Exhibition of a Millennium of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage.

Publisher's Address

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics,
Akademijos 4,
LT – 08663 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: (370 – 5) 2109 337
Fax.: (370 – 5) 27292090

The first edition of the YEAR OF THE LITHUANIAN BOOK  is published as an interactive multilingual (Lithuanian-English-German) CD-ROM in 1998. The CD can be ordered addressing  to Managing Editor  Nerutė Kligienė, addresse above or e-mail:  nerute@ktl.mii.lt  

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